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About Us


Who We Are

Founded in 2009 by two ladies from Dunstable, DLDD Trust was established to enhance the job prospects of the residents of the Dunstable area whilst increasing the levels of community spirit and engagement across the local residents.



Our Mission

It is our missions to work with the people of Dunstable to support them in finding exciting job opportunities through the provision of training, soft skill enhancement, appropriate interview and work clothing in addition to transport assistance.



Our Belief

It is our belief that working with local people and businesses we can help to foster a high growth, highly skilled local workforce that will encourage entrepreneurialism and ultimately improve the life and prospects of the people of Dunstable.



Our Town

Dunstable is a market town and civil parish located in Bedfordshire, this town has a rich history, with links to roman and medieval events. In the past decades, the town has fallen into neglect and disrepair, DLDD/Long Live Dunstable is aiming to foster the rejuvenation of this wonderful town and surrounding areas.



What We Do With Our Funding


CV Workshops & Rewriting

Cost Per Person:


A CV is a shop window for employers to ascertain the suitability of candidates, these workshops will:

Empower people with the knowledge and skills to present yourself in the best possible light.
Aid with layout and presentation of their CV.

 Having a well written, properly spelled and formatted CV is the first step to enhancing the employability of an individual allowing them to get the interview opportunities to be able to display their reliability and enthusiasm to a prospective employer.

Interview Clothing

Cost Per Person:


A surprisingly large proportion of job applicants still don’t have the means or knowledge to purchase appropriate interview clothing. 

From our relationship with Matalan we are able to provide a complete set of interview clothing at a highly discounted rate.
Appropriate interview clothes are proven to boost confidence and focus in addition to the improved response from potential employers.

Interview Skills

Cost Per Person:


In the modern age more and more of our social interactions tend to be impersonal with the growth of online social media and mobile telephony.  This often means that individuals have less of the face to face interactions necessary to develop the confidence to do an effective interview. 

Through mentoring and interview skills workshops we are able improve confidence and knowledge to be able to effectively promote themselves at interview helping them stand out as the highest possible quality candidate for the role.


Cost Per Person:

£5.00 Per session

In Dunstable we still have many successful people who are prepared to devote their time free of charge to help those who require guidance to achieve their life goals and objectives.

Your contribution will help to provide:

The premises to provide Mentoring to a wide range of the local population. 
Individual on a 1 on 1 mentoring to enhance their soft skill set, increase their confidence and help provide direction.

IT Skills And Training

Cost Per Person:

£0 (Varied Costs)

Too many people are still attempting to enter the workforce without the appropriate basic IT skills required to perform many necessary day to day tasks. 

In conjunction with our training partner (the people you mentioned in Ashton Square) your contribution will help to endow all the necessary IT skills required in modern business environments.


Cost Per Person:

£0 (Varied Costs)

The cost of transport is a major barrier to some individuals looking to enter the workforce, imagine a scenario where you manage to get the job of your dreams but as a result of your current circumstances you are unable to pay the first months travel to get yourself to the job resulting in you being unable to achieve your potential.  This is the scenario faced by many people in today’s society with transport costs continually escalating.  This can often result in people taking out payday loans at exorbitant interest rates, entering them into a debt cycle which can be difficult to recover from for those starting out on the career ladder.  Your contribution will help us to fund this first months travel ensuring they get a clean start to their new employment and are able to fulfil their dreams. 

Our Partners

Assimilated Communications
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The Company

Assimilated were the winner of “Dunstable New Business of The Year 2014” and are one of our fastest growing customers locally with major clients including large banks, insurance and finance companies as well as national distribution and construction businesses they provide Mobile Communications, Fixed Line Communications and Business services such as Microsoft office 365.

DLDD Trust – Exclusive Offer

Assimilated Communications guarantee to beat your existing mobile telephony or fixed line communications deal and donate £30 per mobile connection or £100 per month of fixed line spend to DLDD Trust when you sign up with them.  In order to further sweeten the offering for a limited time they will give you a £50 voucher of your choice if they are unable to beat your existing deal.  


For further information please contact:



0845 468 1212

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